Friday, December 16, 2011

Brainworlds/Expo '70 - Abnormal Vergence (Hooker Vision 097)

Hooker Vision releases a psych monster, with this split cassette featuring Brainworlds and Expo '70.  The music was recorded on 9-14-10 at the Eyedrum, in Atlanta.  Brainworlds is Mason Brown and all sounds are improvised guitar.  Brainworlds side is titled, "Labyrinthitis", which according to the NIH, is inflammation of the inner ear.  My ears were on fire after a long journey of high quality drone.  A deep drone rides a wave of pulsing energy to begin the side.  The guitars swell to give the music an uplifting feeling.  Suddenly, solemn sounding notes suffuse the environment with expectation, until the guitar ascends, soaring under a current of spiritual energy.  Later in the track a beautiful transition occurs - it almost sounds like something one would hear on an Emuul release.  The depth of the music is extremely impressive.   What's next?  Where to now?

Expo '70, which is a project of Justin Wright, occupies the vehicle and accelerates to the heart of the sun.  This track had me thinking of, "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun," by Pink Floyd, live in Pompeii.  A combination of electric guitar, analog drums and Moog synthesizer sets a dizzying pace.  Justin creates a vivid aural environment, a contemplative journey.  For me, Expo '70 is at the top of the list. When it comes to heavy psyched out drone, I generally reach for the needle-damaged lp "Where Does Your Mind Go?".  The excellent people at Aquarius Records ensured that this tape reached me quickly.  One of the true greats - Aquarius Records.       

brainworlds & expo 70 - abnormal vergence split (album preview) by experimedia