Monday, December 12, 2011

Pierrot Lunaire - Exercise in Futility (Semata 021)

Well, the photos posted above - the last photo was posted on Cabin Floor Esoterica's blog - should give one a firm sense of the music contained in this lovely tape by Semata Productions.  Pierrot Lunaire has tapes out on Fadeaway and Hooker Vision.  My introduction to this talented artist was through Foxy Digitalis.  Bobby Power, one of my favorite Foxy D writers, composed a fabulous review of the Fadeaway tape.  There is a lot of stuff occurring in Exercise in Futility.  The arsenal includes saxophone, voices, percussion, piano, guitar, and likely a myriad of other things.  This is a beast of a release.  Just like Bobby wrote, feedback and distortion are everything and everywhere.  It is a conduit through which one can connect to the otherworldly sounds spewing forth from the speakers.  The listener can take a few healthy bong rips or throw back a bag of shrooms, but pressing play has the same effect.  This is music with the power of healing.

Side one begins with percussion and distorted voices. The shaman has arrived.  Soon thereafter, the sax takes center stage.  The mysterious notes transport the listener to the next strata.  The distorted piano notes are sublime - one of the best parts of the recording.   No warning of a transition, as the sax is reintroduced with heavy distortion.  The unpredictable nature of Exercise in Futility makes this even more attractive.  The side ends with a healthy dose of  feedback and distorted transmissions. The sax creates a beautiful drone, which starts off the flip side.  It gives way to really wet guitar notes, percussion, distorted voices and howls.  Deep into this spiritual excursion, the synth - trying to breath under the wall of distortion and percussion - reassures the listener, with delicate notes.  Thick walls of feedback pierce the ears and eyes prior to the listener being transported back to the community - replete with the wildest effects one can imagine.  

One truly feels aware of their environment after a deep listen to Pierrot Lunaire.  Discriminate has the goods.  Secure this and the Fadeaway tape while supplies last.    


Pierrot Lunaire - Qarin by semata