Monday, December 26, 2011

High Aura'd - Mooncusser (Ydlmier 025)

High Aura'd is the moniker of John Kolodij, who makes wonderful sounds using guitar, loops and effects among other things.  Mooncusser is the first release since the outstanding Stunned split with Andr√© Foisy.  One of the first releases, Third Life, was initially released on Reverb Worship and will be re-issued soon by Sweat Lodge Guru.  The Ydlmier batch was quickly out of print and a second edition will soon be released by Los Discos Enfantasmes.  Terence Hannum, of Locrian, provides stunning artwork and the recording was mastered by John Twells, of Type fame.  This cassette was purchased at the excellent Discriminate and the sound clip is provided by Experimedia.

Mooncusser is an epic thirty minute journey.  As side A begins, feedback and swells of guitar blast the listener toward an intimate environment - a place where one is provided a lucid perspective.  High Aura'd aims for the stars as shards of sound pierce the skin.  It feels analogous to the confluence of Stars of the Lid and Jefre Cantu-Ledesma.  The environment becomes quiet briefly.  Next, High Aura'd guides your ears through solemn, warm sounds floating on a cloud of tape hiss.  Side A ends with waves crashing ashore.  Side B begins quietly, as High Aura'd uses buoyant loops.  Gently plucked acoustic guitar rings into the atmosphere - the beautiful drone on the periphery.  A deep drone takes the listener through the final part, ending with a delicate, fading loop. This is music for the journey of the breath - deeply introspective.  

  Mooncusser is simply masterful.  Ydlmier has released one of the best recordings of 2011.  More stuff is in the works, with a release on Bathetic sometime in winter 2012.


high aura'd - mooncusser (album preview) by experimedia