Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Angelo Harmsworth - Untitled (Bathetic Records 47)

The sounds on this cassette echo throughout the soul and make one realize the unadulterated beauty of the present moment.  The untitled cassette from Angelo Harmsworth, on Bathetic Records, is an elegant statement.  It has the feel of music dedicated to the reciprocity between nature and humans.  There is a good reason that this cassette has received regular play for the past few weeks: Angelo Harmsworth creates music that assuages suffering.   While that might sound hackneyed, a few listens should change the curious mind.  More so, the artwork complements the music perfectly - double panel jcards printed on handmade Wildflower seed paper.

The opening track combines guitar, piano, synth, a horn and some heavy tape hiss.  The guitar and piano combine nicely, with what sounds like a horn - it feels reassuring.  The second part of the track uses distorted notes, which gives the guitar a Bibio or Boards of Canada feel.  You could hear this influence throughout, as well as nods to Fennesz, Sean McCann and Black Eagle Child among others.  The next track on side A, Sundance, begins with blurred piano notes.  The atmosphere created is one characterized by lightness.   Soon enough, acoustic strums, voices of children are introduced into the mix.  The last track on side A starts with a low rumbling drone, a contrast from the first two tracks.  Soon enough, the synth shoots colorful notes through the low rumble.    Side B starts off with the colorful synth and distorted guitar shining through the chugging hiss - much like the sun finding space in the clouds.  The last two tracks travel a similar path.  Angelo Harmsworth leaves one with a smile.

Bathetic has already sold their stock, as did Tomentosa.  Discriminate, however, still has copies in stock.  Parting with seven dollars should be one of the easiest decisions of 2012  :)

Angelo Harmsworth - Untitled C30 PREVIEW by dscrmnt