Saturday, January 21, 2012

Corum - Never Use The Same Door Twice (PSR 006-a)

Just like the good doc opined, anything worth doing is, worth doing right. When it comes to an engaging, cumulative experience, it is difficult to match Never Use The Same Door Twice, by Corum.  The record is accompanied by a book of drawings.  Initially, I listened without referring to the drawings; however, lately I cannot listen without looking at the drawings.  Psychic Sounds Recordings is responsible for this star, which burns brightly across the night sky.  To those which approach this record with an accepting mind, there is an unparalleled spiritual experience. Corum utilizes drums, clarinet, bamboo flute, delay pedals and other instruments in guiding the listener.  Side A opens with rhythmic drum beats, interspersed with a thick sounding horn.  As Corum glides through your mind, the side ends with a heavy drone, which sounds like a machine heaving back and forth.  Soon, an echoing synth spirals through the heavy fog of drone, the body ascending.

Sold out at Tomentosa and the source, pre-orders are being accepted for the next pressing, which should be released in the beginning of February.  Also, Psychic Sounds recently co-released an lp by Inspired School of Astral Music, with Sonic Meditations.  Great label, great sounds.  Only thing left to do is ascend with the celestial sounds.