Friday, January 13, 2012

Perspectives/Basked Unit (House of Sun 031)

House of Sun has become one of my favorite labels.  Zen Effects - one of my favorite music sites - introduced me to House of Sun through the Pink Desert tape, Daytime Series.  Soon enough, the Lake Seeds Vol. 2 tape, by White Fir became best buddies with my cassette deck.  Mike Pouw - the man behind one of my favorite projects, Knit Prism - runs this venerable tape label and his master touch is palpable.  Everything involved, from the Stumptown Brad Pak to the mind-altering tape sounds, is aesthetically pleasing.  

House of Sun 031 is a c20 split featuring Perspectives and Basked Unit.  Perspectives is the combination of Royallen and Do Tell.    Piano and guitar are used to create minimalist structures.  The sounds here are ones which, after repeated listens, swell in the head.  The A side commences with haunting piano notes and guitar, which dance on a floor of  warm tape hiss.  Next, scraped strings crawl through the recesses of the mind.  This part particularly, for me, evokes a moment that occurred during the Miles Davis set at Isle of Wight, 1970.  Perspectives ends the A side with guitar and piano patterns that constantly morph.  Really great stuff on this side.  Perspectives have an unavailable release on Permanent Nostalgia.  According to the site, new stuff and re-issues will occur.

Basked Unit is comprised of Thoughts on Air and Knit Prism.  Though only in January, Thoughts on Air has already released two mind-melters: Paleo Sails, on Avant Archive and Psongs of Retrospect Vol 1., on Hobo Cult.  For this track, two guitars are joined by contact mics and patch cords to create alluring sounds.  The guitar warbles and creates an ominous setting, similar to that of Joy Shapes, by Charalambides.  The sounds which emanate from this sonic stew, have a percussive feel - kind of like Airto Moreira.  Basked Unit has releases on Calypso Hum, Digitalis Ltd., Housecraft and a few other labels.

There is only one thing left to do:  Support these artists and House of Sun.


Perspectives intro tease by houseofsun Baskedsplitpreview by houseofsun