Monday, January 16, 2012

Von Himmel - Space Communion (Humito 002)

Strap in and load it up - you're gonna need it for this kosmiche journey into the aether.  There is not much known about Von Himmel, nor Humito.  Lately, this lp and Never Use The Same Door Twice, by Corum have dominated the turntable.  Initially, Space Communion was released by Sloow Tapes.  Going out of print quickly, it reappeared in 2011 as the second release on Humito. The artwork for Space Communion, especially on the Sloow tape, is a homage to Schwingungen, from Ash Ra Temple.  One should be careful though, as to not deduce that this is a copy of German experimental music from yesteryear.  Yes, there are nods to the likes of Popul Vuh, Ash Ra Temple and Tangerine Dream.  The review by Mimaroglu, of the Sloow tape, says it aptly, " it captures the dark psychedelia that is so prevalent on those classic LPs without falling victim to being a straight rip-off or throw-back."  

Moon Moss... blast off!  The echo of cosmic synth sounds announce that exploration has commenced.  Astronomer begins with some a conga jam, which is soon joined by the flute and synth.  The flute is alluring, floating on the drum beats.  Sun Spots is a guitar/bass/synth tune, with heavy bass vibes that overshadows the guitar and synth - a different track than the other five.  Mantra closes out the side A with a nice collage of synth, field recordings and tambourine, which is barely audible. Strawberry Hill starts off the flip side with a menacing drone accompanied by bellows of a singing bowl, bells, voices, percussion, guitar and other effects - one of my favorite tracks and a journey of sound. Country Bog is the last track, which floats on tape hiss, until the sitar appears.  Unexpectedly, synth and effects envelop the sitar complete with electronic twitches, bubbles, and pulses.  The track ends with percussion and voices.  

Though this is currently unavailable at the usual distros, word has it that Tomentosa might receive additional copies.  Also, Time-Lag and Eclipse had copies earlier in the year.  Space Communion has imbued my days - allow these psych masters to take you on a trip.