Thursday, January 19, 2012

Raajmahal - Celandine (Digitalis Ltd #224)

Celandine, the debut from Raajmahal, on Digitalis Ltd., prompted me to remember the reasons that I listen to music.  Besides being my favorite form of art, good music is beautiful and therapeutic.  Throughout years of suffering, in my own manner, music has been the closest thing to a panacea.  Music has a potent ability to assuage suffering.  A few nights ago, beat down by the day, I received a package from Discriminate.  Each tape radiated beauty, but the Celandine tape made me curious. The previews sounded great.

  Nothing, however, prepared me for the aural waves which would blissfully unfold and ascend.  It must have been tantamount to smoking a dollop of hash oil.  Just like a healthy bong rip, within a few minutes of the opening track, Bridge of Temptation, I was transported to a special place: the place in which the message of music fuses with the listener.  My body was ensconced in Carla Backer's distorted voice; the ambient psych of the guitars from Pat Murano and Santa Wolanczyk providing refuge from the elements.  The subsequent six tracks would only serve to solidify my feelings for Celandine.  It is only fitting that Digitalis - the label that would re-introduce me to cassettes through Brad Rose's thoughts on Stunned Records - would release something that literally saved the day.  After experiencing such alluring music, one can only feel better.

Within days of ordering, Discriminate had this tape rolling in my cassette deck.  The new batch of Digitalis Ltd tapes sounds great!  Seven dollars is a paltry sum compared to the enlightenment which awaits.    


Raajmahal "Curly Locks" by foxydigitalis Raajmahal "Bridge of Temptation" by foxydigitalis