Thursday, August 30, 2012

Justin Meyers - Libra (TF56)

some of the smoothest mod synth and the medicine.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Until the excellent Discriminate had added this to its stock, i was unaware of Tone Filth, an excellent label from Minneapolis with a very nice discography.  High praise for Justin Meyers, the artist behind these exquisite modular synth hymns, which were recorded live with minimal edits from September 23 - October 23 2011 on his TF50.  Throughout this tape, I noticed nascent vibes - the genesis of something promising and friendly- being emitted from his TF50.  Libra opens with slow rising vibes that hover loosely.  The third track is a standout, though everything here is of high quality -gentle, consuming and blissful.  The flip commences with an alluring, yet haunting piece.  Withering tones form a loop, the frequency and texture of which create a hazy effect.  

This is the medicine for your head.  Libra is presented in a numbered edition of 100, two color screen print with pro printed cassettes.   Pick it up, along with some other awesome mod synth trips at Discriminate.

peace and love, friends :)