Monday, September 10, 2012

Crystal Palace - Spirit Quest (RC57)

et tu, Brutus?  crystal-covered nugs for the Spirit Quest.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief

This is the type of tape that lights a fire under my bong. On Spirit Quest by Crystal Palace - a side-project of fellow sonic traveler, Christopher Merritt - the serene vibes from some of his earlier releases are partly eschewed in favor of a spectacular world that is imbued with shifting electronics and vacillating sounds.  These are the type of sounds that enter the bloodstream clandestinely, prior to dropping its payload in your pleasure center.  And, the artwork that accompanies Spirit Quest is emblematic of the fascinating sphere in which these sounds reside.  Each section inhabits a different realm, sort of akin to snapshots of unique experiences.  The placid zones that end side A, and the tender strings/field recordings toward the end of the flipside coalesce perfectly with the fluctuating soundscapes.  Regardless of the moniker, i am amazed by the depth and diversity of Christopher's sounds and ideas. They range from the warm areas explored on Sacred Phases and Digitalis to the more overtly psychedelic sounds that are present on this tape, from Rotifer Cassettes

With alacrity, I await the next step of this intriguing project.  Buy the ticket for this heavy trip from Rotifer.

peace and love, friends :)