Monday, September 24, 2012

The Exhalers - Wave Reader I.O (Exo Tapes 003)

Enter the peaceful kingdom of the Exhalers.  Peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Exo Tapes, based in Portugal, has become one of my favorite labels of late.  Their limited-edition tapes from the likes of Mediafired; JCCG; Sky Stadium, and Meadowlands feature alluring ambient music and wonderful artwork.  However, at the zenith of the Exo peaceful kingdom resides the Exhalers, the tranquil synth project of the label proprietor.  The Exhalers trilogy - Wave Reader I.O; II.O; III.O - represents some of the most beautiful music of the current year.  While it travels in similar zones as Dolphins into the Future, Panabrite and Jürgen Müller, it boasts a unique energy.  These serene sounds represent a narrative as experienced through the eyes of a dolphin and its relationships.  The song titles for the trilogy refer to an unfinished story of love and friendship. 

 Lately, this has been my first choice for late night listening - priming the body for a serene odyssey.  The feel throughout is friendly and placid, but also inquisitive.  Some of the best features of Wave Reader I.O regard the use of space and the myriad of textures. Notes that hang on the edge of consciousness bubble whimsically, expanding in your head before fading into the deep blue.  Submerged drones meander, as the light from the surface beams to the ocean floor. 

A new trilogy is currently in the works.  While you prepare to experience the fascinating sounds of Exhalers, purchase the JCCG and Mediafired tapes from Tomentosa. 

peace and love, friends :)