Thursday, September 27, 2012

Holefold Diver - Morphing Mass (hd001)

Abyssal psychedelic bliss, and the matching trichomes.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Lunar Miasma, the celestial sonic vehicle of Panos Alexiadis, regularly illuminates the cosmos with his synth constellations.  On Holefold Diver - Morphing Mass, Panos' new collaboration with Giorgos Axiotis, these astute sound artists take the abyssal plunge, transporting the stars to the ocean floor.  The transitory psychedelic sounds exhibited on Morphing Mass were made for the intrepid sonic seeker in each of us.  The sound is true to the title: an evolving aural adventure that bathes the receptors in its myriad layers and rich waves of sound.  And, the pace throughout is nonlinear; the disparate sounds vacillating and blazing new paths. This is a work of great depth.  Sometimes I find it advantageous to close my eyes, moving more proximate to the center of the sound.

At the beginning, embryonic, eerie synth drifts delicately through a labyrinth of assorted sounds.  The mix progressively becomes more intense.  A few minutes into the track, some of the heaviest sounds from a Panos-associated project manifest, as warped, reverberating sounds signal the descent to another strata of the ocean, while shards of synth concomitantly emerge from the clandestine environs of kelp.  Meanwhile, the synth from the beginning is still running strong.  The sound crests approximately one-third through the track, and then recedes as an elongated beam of sound breaths with vitality.  Almost halfway through, the synth adopts a heavier edge, the tones fraying as it seeks to remain intact. At this juncture, the track transitions, briefly, and attains a more minimal sound.  Without warning, a brooding, monolithic drone buzzes with ferocity - your inert body registering the palpable waves of energy.  The last part of the track is more minimal and introspective.  Even in this more minimal realm, the music continues to display different qualities. It's one of my favorite sections of the track.

There are very few artists that make my mind swell with pleasure like Panos.  And, this new project with Giorgos Axiotis has wonderful potential.  Morphing Mass was produced in an edition of 100 cdr's.  It is accompanied by two-color screenprints on 1.3 mm thick card paper.  As for purchasing a copy - I have yet to see this in stock at a distro - I suggest contacting Panos.  Also, my bro is selling a copy through discogs.  Though I failed to embed the track, here is a link to a sample: "morphing mass" [edit].

peace and love, friends :)