Friday, September 21, 2012

Lunar Jams for Tom Carter (FC9)

Lunar jams for the man, Tom Carter!  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

In days such as these, i sit in awe of the benevolence demonstrated by my friend, Uli Rois, proprietor of Feathered Coyote Records and part of the awesome Bird People.  In early spring of 2012, a musical hero of mine, Tom Carter, was hospitalized with pneumonia while touring in Europe.  The hospitalization and rehabilitation was lengthy, with Tom returning to the US in late July.  Over the past few months, there has been a tremendous response to assist Tom with his medical expenses and recovery of lost income. Lunar Jams for Tom Carter was organized by Uli, with all the proceeds going to the Robert Thomas Carter Irrevocable Trust.  These eclectic, crystal-covered jams were made by people with a heart of gold.  Produced on two tapes and 120 minutes in length, Lunar Jams for Tom Carter - a compelling mix of known quantities and budding beauties - has a ubiquitous warmth that fuels the journey through the cosmos.

  Herbcraft's celestial psych orbits Tom, its resonant tones exuding love.  Docking in an idyllic field, Hellvete's idyllic tones are tantamount to the embrace of a good friend.  A curious energy stirs in the vast distance, when MV + EE serenade Tom with one of the heaviest versions of 'Tea Devil', transitioning into probable 'Environments' as their fealty to Tom exudes vaporous trails of love - a jam of the highest magnitude!  Bird People distribute medicine to all the denizens; their psych meanderings providing the space for inner gazing.  A simply fantastic voyage, 'I Gather the Limbs of Osiris', is the conduit through which the breath flows.  My brotha from another motha, the venerable Marc Roberts, wrote a beautiful piece on Bird People that extols the beauty of this wonderful project.  Flying high, Common Eider, King Eider's 'Lung' exists in an area of rarefied energy - its resonant drone illuminating the path; while Autistic Argonauts' spacey emanations echo in the vast field of life.  Planets Around the Sun krauty bliss explodes over the denizens, crystals landing gracefully on their heavenly bodies.  Much respect should be accorded to Planets Around the Sun.  When i'm searching for the conduit to higher zones, Planets Around the Sun always deliver me to the proper destination.  And when you arrive, James Jackson Toth's languid blues cover the expanse like slow rolling fog.  Everything builds to the apt closing track from heavy psych rockers, Primordial Underground, in which Tom played on two albums.  'Blinding Stars' is a jam from the Loss of Affect release on September Gurls/Strange Attractors.  Tom's adroit playing features on this live nug of blistering psych that permeates the third eye.  This tape is packed with luminaries such as Simon Dellaserra; 23:00 A.M.; Acid Rambo and many others.

  This release is the evidence that kindness, empathy, and love have no limit.  Lunar Jams for Tom Carter is housed in a soft plastic case, with monochrome artwork and an 8 page booklet.  One can purchase a copy directly from Feathered Coyote.

peace and love, friends :)