Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rambutan + Parashi - Lesser Halogens (Sicsic035)

Dieselberry Deathstar:  if you're going to travel to the outer limits, then one needs the appropriate fuel for this sublime odyssey in sound.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :) 

Well.  It's almost 2am here, which is an apt time to talk about Lesser Halogens, from the duo of Rambutan (Eric Hardiman) and Parashi (Mike Griffin).   However, this glistening nug on Sicsic is more than just the usual collaboration among adroit artists; it is about synergy.  Eric and Mike bring some of their most intriguing ideas to this release, and the result is a psychedelic journey that accelerates into the recesses of the mind.  The title and tracks partially refer to the the five group VII halogens, non-metal elements which lack one electron and are highly active;.  And, their energy is ubiquitous, as the five halogens stir in the atmosphere with erratic energy, yet always entrancing and unpredictable.  Throughout, the various energies exuded by their instruments collide in sonic ecstasy.

Halogen 1 hangs low with its light drone and bursts of energy, gradually drifting through reverberating tones and electronic signals.  It has a vibe reminiscent of NNF Barn Owl - fantastic!  Next, oscillating burned-out tones combine deftly with eerie synth and noise.  A nice rhythm is establish before taking an unexpected turn to the darkest of environs, a place without an exit.  Brooding transmissions surge forth, an electronic beast.  Unequivocally, Halogen 2 is one of high quality.  In Halogen 3, a robotic sounding loop is punctured by a persistent, ascending whirling mass that appears in the distance, initially, and then envelops the listener - entrancing music.  The flipside contains the same entrancing characteristics of the previous side.  Bursts of electronic energy combine with beats that hover with a beautiful uneasiness.  The last track is cosmic seance, with its initial soporific pace, pernicious sounding synth and percussion.  Halogen 5 radiates tremendous energy that threatens to subsume the listener, prior to fading away.

This music is of such high quality that it should be coupled with the best buds from the dispensary!  Even better, it is still available stateside at DiscriminateLesser Halogens is produced in a hand-numbered edition of 85, with stunning artwork by Samuele Bastianello.

peace and love, friends :)