Monday, August 20, 2012

Lunar Miasma - Managing the Dream (TQ29)

iridescent indica - all colors of the spectrum. peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Managing the Dream is the fusion of Lunar Miasma - the moniker of Athens, Greece-based artist Panos Alexiadis - and Tranquility Tapes.  Lunar Miasma on Tranquility is a natural pairing; and the results are sonically rich landscapes, in which stars of the night sky radiate the alluring attributes of this wonderful artist.  Panos' cosmic synth soundscapes stimulate the various architecture of the mind.  His mastery over the keys manifests in heavy solos that temper the interstellar tones.  Each track activates a different area of your mind's spectrum.  These diverse, cosmic beauties are at times peaceful, cosmic/spacey, and poignant. 

'Fields' begins the journey with sparkling, serene tones that flutter and echo - a peaceful beginning.  However, this is literally the appetizer.  Two long form tracks follow.  The first of which, 'Managing the Dream', begins as inchoate tones float over a peaceful drone.  Slowly, additional layers are added.  The sound grows in intensity, which gives way to beams of synth exploding into awareness.  Panos' playing in the middle of this track is sublime.  His notes are full of vitality, ascending to the zenith.  The flip starts off with another zoner, 'Hypnopompic Speech'.  The vibes from this track traverse the hazy labyrinthine structures of the partially conscious mind.  Protruding beams of synth, signals and patterns give way to notes of great definition and arpeggios.  The amalgamation of sound gives this a spacey feel.  Panos' adept musicianship shines through on this track, as passages of energetic solos are set adjacent to the occasional solemn note, aspiring to the light. The last track, 'Unconscious', is one of the shortest, but perhaps the best, as pulsing tones and blue notes vacillate in the currents.  The Emuul-like tones on display are cinematic and poignant - a moving track to which i often return.

Managing the Dream finds Panos at the top of his game. As always, these tapes are limited - edition of 100 - pro-dubbed and accompanied by the artwork of Caroline Teagle. To be engulfed by the beauty of the design and music is a true Tranquility experience.  One may purchase this cassette from Discriminate.

peace to you, friends :)