Monday, August 27, 2012

Trees as Antennas (PM009)

tree of life!  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

With names like Plant Migration Records, Trees as Antennas and Honest Bag, it was only a matter of time until our glistening trichomes were synchronized.  This is my favorite type of cassette: no background information, no web presence for artist (a few searches did not yield any information), and no prior listening experience.  Plant Migration Records has been flying high lately with awesome 7"s of Berlin-based electronic musician Andrew Pekler, and a heavy release from Rust Worship (Obsolete Units' founder, Paul Haney).   Trees as Antennas accumulate energy from the atmosphere, and emit noisy and mysterious transmissions that transform the listener into a sentient being.

Over two sides of tape, Trees as Antennas exhibit their diverse repertoire of sound.  Various states of being are traversed on this c22.  Where side a is ensconced in heavy noise and percussion, side b is restrained, yet no less powerful.  This nug commences with metallic transmissions, signals and noise that swirl in the breeze.  The sounds propagate, and then retreat, only to return with enhanced vigor.  The mix is electrified with screeching, quivering noise, hiss/rumble and fried tones, the power of which slowly abates.  Without notice, a burst of tribal percussion fuses with the noise, morphing into something resembling a jam.  The flipside retains different characteristics - minimal in sound - as field recordings of running water and ominous tones slowly circumscribe the expanse.  An inchoate drone slowly matures, growing in tandem with the morphing sound.  Approximately at the median, sharp metallic tones manifest, which induce menacing vibrations and cryptic rhythms.  A beautiful minimal piece of music that resides in the light and dark realms.

Trees as Antennas will be available soon from Plant Migration Records.  In the interim, pick up the 7"s directly from Plant Migration!

peace to you, friends :)