Thursday, August 16, 2012

Secret Birds - In Hex (NK35)

Spacey, psyched out zoners to encompass your awareness.  Peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Holy trichomes!  Break out the bongs and ensure that the bourbon is running strong!  This is a milestone post of sorts: number 100.  By now, you are likely aware of my affinity for all kinds of psych.  If we are going to celebrate, then it's apt to pop in the new Secret Birds tape - the project of Damon Black - from trusty No Kings.  With its form constantly morphing, In Hex serenades all corners of your expansive mind with an alluring mix of heavy psych, space rock, kraut and shimmering drone.  The amalgamation of sounds circumvent the filter in your head and blaze a path toward the lucid - all colors of the rainbow.  In aesthetic, it partly recalls the massive riffs and warm drone of the Koi Pond lp on Sonic Meditations.

The warm ambient sounds of 'Century Waves' commence the tape, as fuzzy tones warble and echo in the atmosphere.  These elements form a loop, over which Damon adds rhythmic elements and thick textures of sound.  Any preconceived notions should be checked at the bong, as the second track, 'In Hexagon'. eschews the warmth of 'Century Waves' for tropical and spacey riffs - think Sun Araw, Plastic Crimewave Sound.  Regarding the constantly morphing character of this release, the last few minutes exhibits a change in pace, as opaque drift and random tones take hold.  'Refractions from the Skull Prism' close out side A with looped tones, tropical rhythms and jangly riffs.  The flip instantly scores a golazo with 'A Serpent With Corners' - a true introspective zoner.  The heavy riffs are nowhere to be found, and it looks like the booze and herb are in short supply - music for coming down.  Fuzzed out tones fill the sky, as finger picked guitar echoes in the ether.  Toward the latter part of the track thick, obfuscated tones approach furtively, only to recede.  The tape finishes with the longest track, 'Zen Pyramid'.  This tortuous path to zen exhibits the wonderful facets of this beautiful artist.  For approximately the first five minutes, it takes the form of an ambient track, with warm tones meandering in the distance.  However, soon percussion and fried riffs take hold before reverting to percussion only.  Heavy riffs close out this gem in style.

In Hex is a wonderful tape of shifting styles and alluring landscapes.  Few artists can fuse styles so effectively as Damon Black.  Released in an edition of 80, pro-dubbed and with risograph artwork, In Hex may be purchased directly from No Kings.  

peace to you, friends :)