Friday, August 17, 2012

Derek Rogers - Saturations (GRN-003)

Sweet sativa! drones and tones from one of the best.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

BEST OF 2012

The captions for these crystal covered nugs speak of 'ethereal effects' and 'taking a walk in the clouds'.  Those descriptors are apt for this music, which is almost too beautiful for words.  Here is another example of Derek's singular style.  His ideas are adroitly conceived and flawlessly executed.  Finally, we are given the opportunity to experience this bliss on the vinyl format.  Saturations, by Derek Rogers on Greenup Industires, is a joyous listening experience.  Earlier in the year, he released a similarly superb tape on Space Slave; 2012 has been a fruitful year for Derek.

Almost immediately, thick meandering tones and an opaque wall of noise sweep one from their feet.  Sharp tones are enveloped in the fierce, rumbling noise.  Soon the noise becomes omnipotent - not strident, but consuming.  'Apparent Weight' is a pure sonic love.  Eventually, the noise fades out, and then a nascent tone glistens in the distance.  Derek's placid tones are sublime.  And, Regina Chellew's trumpet fits in nicely with the idea of the track.  The flip is titled, 'Linear Truths' and, overall, is the more serene of the two sides.  Glowing, variegated tones ascend into your perception.  These are the sounds of riding above the clouds where the sky is infinite.  An amalgamation of tones expand into awareness, as more acute tones briefly manifest.  Petra Kelly is featured on violin to wonderful effect. The violin juxtaposed/fused to Derek's sound is achingly beautiful, and it provided a sense of emotional urgency to sections of the track.  It would be great to hear the violin on future releases.  Towards the end, the sky is near capacity with his beautiful sound that swells, meanders, and recedes.  

Derek Rogers is one of the top ambient artists today, and this album is another glowing jem in a treasure chest full of outstanding releases.  One may purchase Saturations from Experimedia.

peace to you, friends :)