Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oracle Offering - Beyond Aquaria (CFE#28)

this tape resides on the top shelf next to the lovely nugs.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

These are a few of my favorite things.  Four or five months ago, I found an online home away from home of sorts.  While reading the Cabin Floor Esoterica blog, I noticed a video of Daniel Bachman and a link to a site with rips of out of print/hard to locate cassettes.  Broadcasts From the Poor Farm is a wonderful site where online denizens can find Cabin Floor Esoterica tapes, as well as lps of ragas, Virginia Traditions lps, Existential Cloth tapes, L'animaux Tryst Field Recordings and others.  Along with providing hard to find material, there is an affiliated label that produces irresistible tapes, Poor Farm Editions Press - some of my favorites from 2012.  Anyway, one day the site posted a Cabin Floor tape, Oracle Offering , from Dawn Marna of Cursillistas/Herbcraft.  It was a glorious day indeed!  

Earlier in the summer, I went to the L'animaux storefront, and stumbled upon a physical copy of this Cabin Floor rarity.  The tape is one of many reasons that i love Cabin Floor Esoterica: the hand-crafted beauty, devotion and love that goes into producing these lovely nugs.  Once i viewed the smokin' j on the cover, the good vibes were reverberating like heated molecules! These are songs glowing in the light of day, seeking to communicate through Dawn's mellifluous voice.  Her voice is ensconced in reverb and languid tones reverberate in the head to produce introspective moments.  'Sea Psalm' ends side A and features Dawn's gentle voice - best track on tape; her voice is the best facet of this tape - sweetly flowing and versatile.  Fans of Raajmahal will love this!

I am very fond of Cabin Floor Esoterica. Through their diligence and love, something beautiful is created, just like this tape of sagacious hymns.  Their tapes bring joy to my life, and i want to share those good vibes with you. There may be another few copies available at the L'animaux storefront.

Peace to you, friends :)