Monday, August 6, 2012

Obscurer - Shining Arbors (House of Alchemy 050)

The Faraday Trippers and VxPxC induce these nugs to spawn crystals.  Peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

I just returned from a trip, and now it's time to take another.  From a new bag of glistening nugs, I pulled out the crystal-covered emissions of Obscurer.  Prior to getting down to brass tacks, pretty much anything from a member of VxPxC is worthy of your time.  Obscurer is composed of Grant Capes (VxPxC, Sleepwalkers Local), Patrick Burke and Michael Scholtz (both of Faraday Trippers).   Shining Arbors, from Obscurer on House of Alchemy, exudes the sound of the deep space traveler.  Theremins, electronics, guitar, keyboards and vocals combine to create constellations of sound that dot the periphery of consciousness and then suffuse your being.

   Shining Arbors is represented by one track, Diana's Tree, which is a three-part suite comprised of Living Silver, Aqua Fortis and Metal Branches.  Anything can occur in this unpredictable climate, and i was surprised throughout.  The beginning acts as a harbinger and is lined with theremins, electronics, keys, and echoing vocals that rather than sounding eerie, feel more like a call to prayer.  The echoing vocals complement the spacey mix of sound aptly. 11 minutes in, soft, sustained keys appear surprisingly, acting to temper the mood.  Around halfway through, the sound becomes intense.  Percussive sounds temper the mix as it attempts to veer upwards. Nothing here is fixed, as the track floats through several stages.  When most of the instruments are active, and theremins beaming, the sound is intense.  The more minimal parts throughout make one feel inert.  The serene ending allows the listener to come down lightly.

Shining Arbors is something to be experienced repeatedly.  Often i find myself sitting with this for a few hours.  The excellent vibes are accompanied by beautiful artwork from Katheryn Richards.  No sound for this one, but this smokehound will not lead you awry. Secure your copy directly at House of Alchemy.

Peace to you, friends :)