Thursday, May 3, 2012

Venn Rain - Cymatic Cymbols (Sicsic027)

thanks to fellow seekers, weedblog and weedphotos, for the White Fire - peace to you, bro :)


A few weeks ago, Bear Bones, Lay Low told us about the Def sound.  He characterized the sound as being one which makes you feel compared to that which makes you think.  Ultimately, the sound of Venn Rain is Def; this is apparent throughout Cymatic Cymbols, the latest Venn Rain release on Sicsic.  Cymatics is the study of visible sound and vibration.  Different patterns are formed, depending on the frequency - the artwork appears to refer to this.

 For the one willing to focus on the sound, there is a rich reward in the form of ethereal tones - thick with definition - that rise and recede. The sound is special and gives one the feeling of peering down on oneself from above, being able to study behavior from a privileged position.  Compared to the Fadeaway and Goldtimers' releases, there is a new age feel to these sounds.  Admittedly, I am partial to the more serene sounding tracks.  Regardless, this tape keeps you elevated, vacillating between mellifluous drift and astral voyages that veer towards the unfathomable.

The voyage begins with "Nada Brahma", where resonating, shimmering tones combine with darker ones.  In the middle, buoyant synth is layered over the loop.  After many listens, this is an excellent manner in which to commence the tape.  "Singing Sands" takes one to the next level.  There is no turbulence in this area, just ethereal, uplifting tones that remind me of Adam Wiltzie's project, the Dead Texan.  One can imagine the peaceful frequencies communicating with sand, manifesting in angelic forms.  Side A comes to an end with a minimal track, "Psychophonic I". The beginning is glowing with beauty and the sound is very minimal in places.  The feeling here is one of stasis, of being at ease.  In the middle of the track, beautiful lambent tones are added to the mix - a nice contrast.  Music for peaceful drift.  My favorite track, "Form Waves", opens the flipside.  Blissful and serene synth is present throughout.  The track moves along at a pace in which the listener can calmly absorb the sounds.  In the middle of the track - just like the first track - a person utters a few lines regarding the relationship between sound, form and shape.  Just as one thinks they have reached the zenith, another portal appears, and one continues to ascend.  Cymatic Cymbols ends with "Psychophonic II", which has a heavier sound than the first iteration.  Relative to the first iteration, it begins more aggressively as thick, blue tones echo with searing synth interspersed.  This is the kind of track where one should leave their emotional baggage at the door.  A wonderful experience can be attained by allowing Venn Rain to permeate your focused mind.  Ominous tones abound until the tape unexpectedly ends. 

The artwork by Marko Martini matches the music perfectly.  If you desire an intimate aural experience, then I highly recommend purchasing directly from my bros at Sicsic - there are only a handful of copies left as of May 3, 2012.  Also, for those interested in Cymatics, drift over to this page:

Peace to you, bro :)