Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rag Lore: Old Rag Light Lore Songs Volume 1 (PFST01)

As Jimmy once opined, "let me stand next to your fire".  Fire OG Kush, damn!  420mag spreading the nug luv - peace to you, bro :)

 The cassettes released from Poor Farm Editions Press - a new label that is associated with the awesome site, Broadcasts From Poor Farm - are exquisite.  To hold one of these treasures in your hand is to realize the labor and love expended in its production.  

A few months ago, I was hanging around the Cabin Floor site and noticed a video of Daniel Bachman that was posted by Broadcasts From Poor Farm.  Subsequently, I encountered a beautiful site full of Cabin Floor rips and others from the likes of L'animaux Tryst Field Recordings, Existential Cloth, Cloud Valley, Rotifer, and old private press lps.  A few weeks later, Poor Farm Editions Press appeared; the first batch contains three cassettes, each one 30 minutes in length, and issued in editions of 25.  

Old Rag Light Lore Songs Volume 1 refers to the top two images in this post.  Rag Lore, and I believe the label itself, is the work of Matthew Russell Boteilho.  The guitar is just an instrument, but it is the guide which brings it to life.  When Boteilho plays, the strings resonate with beauty.  On this initial release, Boteilho's tracks are composed of six string lapstyle recordings that are occasionally accompanied by bells and field recordings.  The songs are infused with  raga, blues and country among other styles. Throughout it all, his intimate relationship with the guitar results in heartfelt passages, reverberating strings, and at times entrancing drone of the strings. However, the music speaks for itself.  Scroll to the bottom for a preview.

First, these tapes are wonderful and I highly recommend purchasing them.  Subsequent to the top photos are two images of the other tapes.  The purchase buttons on Poor Farm still work, but they will be inoperative before long.  Next, check out this shiit: C30, chrome cassette, dubbed in real-time on a Tascam 202 MKIII; Letterpressed J-cards with abstract typography and decorations; Double sided, hand marbled J-cards transparency printed with varying medium format photography; Hand numbered edition; B&W side A/B cassette labels.  Also, Boteilho is responsible for the photography.  What to do next?  Maybe a little smoke, maybe a tall glass of whiskey, maybe just fuse with nature and allow Boteilho to guide you through the damp night.  

Peace to you, bro :)