Saturday, May 12, 2012

Köhn - Random Patterns (K071)

blaze new sonic pathways with Afghan Kush from fellow traveler, Strainbrain - peace to you, bro :)

Today, I have a real treat to present to all fellow travelers: Random Patterns from Köhn.  One of my favorite labels, Kraak, presents two sides of hypnotic improvisations played on an Armon p-200 electric organ, which are comprised of serene tones characterized by warm timbres and subtle shifting tempos that recall the early minimalism of Glass, Riley and Reich.  Side A is comprised of three edits culled from long improvisations, while the flipside contains unedited pieces - the music is live.

Throughout this long player,  Jürgen De Blonde, a.k.a Köhn, weaves an incandescent path through the labyrinthine structures of the head.  However, just as one thinks Köhn is heading for the frontal lobes, he moves tangentially, illuminating once barren areas with his placid tones.  The artwork embodies the music.  As patterns ostensibly emerge, they just as quickly dissipate and transform.  For the traveler that attempts to circumscribe these sounds, it will prove to be a futile endeavor - there is no structure, only cascading beauty to observe.  As Jürgen mentions in the insert, a random pattern is a paradox.  The word 'random' implies pure chance, while the term 'pattern' denotes structure.  These gorgeous improvisations are suitable for any occasion, yet I find it illuminating to eschew all external stimuli and allow Jürgen's warm tones to ensconce comfortably in the head.

Random Patterns is the one of the greenest nugs you could pluck from thee tree. Anybody that was fortunate to hear the lps from Bridget Hayden; Dolphins in the Future; Bear Bones, Lay Low; Hellvete; Ignatz; and others knows that the Kraak is full of the dankest nugs around.  I purchased this lp from Eclipse Records.  Random Patterns may also be purchased from Kraak.

Peace to you, bro :)