Monday, May 14, 2012

Pummeler / the North Sea - Pacacuti / In Your Teeth (TD51)

Krazy Kush for these Krazy soundz, courtesy of 420mag - thanks for sharing the good vibe.  peace to you, bro :)

In the realm of experimental music, the state of New York must be one of the most fertile environments.  It is a fecund plot of land, producing some of the tastiest nugs from the likes of Skell, House of Alchemy, Cae-sur-a, Tape Drift and many others.  For sure, something must be in the soil, because these crystal covered transmissions continue to orbit the head long after pressing the stop button.  Eric Hardiman - Rambutan, Burnt Hills, Century Plants - is the proprietor of Tape Drift, a venerable label with a glowing discography at which one would drool.  The most recent batch of Tape Drift contains a stellar tape from Pummeler and The North Sea - two beautifully contrasting sides of experimental art. These nugs have been harvested, dried, and they are now ready for your consumption.      

Hold on to your bong for dear life because Mikkel Dunkerley's Pummeler spews forth waves of molten noise destined for your quivering head.  This is the type of beauty where one scrapes the accumulated resin from the bowl and hopes to emerge intact on the other side.  As soon as one presses play, waves of harsh sound pierce your skin and buttress your body - there is no escape.  There are lots of twists and turns on this side.  Five to six minutes into the track, linearity ceases to exist, as elements whirl in the mix and underline the heavy mass of sound.  Waves of varying intensity vacillate.  Approximately ten minutes in, the tones become noticeably less strident, that is until the beast once again rages - dissonance in all of its beauty.  Periodically, elements are added and the intensity varies.  Near the end, the mass of opaque sound breaks up and the particles float into the void.

The North Sea is the moniker of Brad Rose, the main man at Foxy Digitalis.  One quick thought before moving onward - without Brad Rose, the honest bag would not exist.  The existence of this blog can be traced to Foxy Digitalis and all of the wonderful writers who have served as inspiration.  The flipside is a bit more nuanced, which is nice if you like splits with different characteristics.  Brad's side consists of tranquil outer space transmissions emanating from an arsenal of synths.  The flip commences with a myriad of metallic-like tones spewing forth and echoing in the head.  Certainly, the first few minutes conjure up feelings of fright.  However, soon the mood changes to something more mysterious as a transition of sorts occurs and the sound becomes more tranquil.  What will happen next?  For the next few minutes a beautiful stasis hovers over the track, until an amalgamation of fraying synth and tortuous tones appear in the mix - synth explorations for the space head.  Brad is a master craftsman of sound.  He has the ability to create alluring environments through the timely addition of sounds.  More than halfway through the track, one can sense the addition of placid tones, helping to regulate the frightening mix of sound.   Late in the track, the mix feels engulfed in something that sounds like feedback.  Once the turbulence abates, we accelerate by riding high on the crystalline synth, which emits blue tones of various frequencies.  Once you have docked, another spin in this vehicle sounds like a good idea.

Two nugs of great potency that, once coupled, create a hybrid strain which would make Ed Rosenthal green with envy.  Discriminate sold their stock quickly.  Good shiit like this doesn't hang around for too long.  Buy your copy directly from Tape Drift or through the excellent Flipped Out.  

Peace to you, bro :)