Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Brian Green - Tides (self-released)

crystal covered love from my best buds at Humboldt Relief!  peace to you :)

Lately, Brian Green has been making and self-releasing some seriously beautiful art - the type of stuff that leaves an indelible mark.  He is a prodigious sound artist, creating small-run batches of cassettes that disappear from his website quickly. These sounds slowly pervade the head and spread tranquil beauty throughout the body. 

Regarding the indelible mark that this music leaves, I take this music everywhere.  Sometimes I like to examine nature with these sounds.  Sometimes I use his music for meditation.  There is nothing quite like sustaining focus on his uplifting sounds.  Other times, I like to look at the flowers as the beautiful drone of Tides washes over me.

Tides, a self-released tape in an edition of 10, is a tape comprised of beach sounds collected over three days.  The sounds being processed are those of shells and water.  There is a tremendous emotional depth that manifests to the active listener.  The tape is replete with alluring tones that change subtly, and the echo of shells, which are nicely situated and do not dominate the overall sound.  

The decision to bring sound into one's life is highly personal.  Unequivocally, I recommend these sounds to fellow travelers.  Brian's Bandcamp page is regularly updated with new releases and it also acts as an archive.  Therefore, even if you cannot grip one of the sold out tapes, everything is available for your listening pleasure.

Peace to you, friends :)