Monday, May 7, 2012

Dzjenghis Khan - Prehistoric Rock - Live in San Francisco (WHO-02)

purple kush... oh yah!  thanks 420mag - peace to you, bro :)

Well, if you are looking for some hard rockin', stony psych with vibes of yesteryear, then Dzjenghis Khan is the nug of your dreams.  Listening to Prehistoric Rock - Live in S.F. is like emerging from a black box completely ripped, licking the remainder of whiskey from one's fingers and wondering what happened.  Of course, that is until the flipside presents the same bass-driven, heavy fuzzed rockers, and one is compelled to repeat the pre-listening rituals.

  Prehistoric Rock - Live in S.F was recorded at the Elbo Room in 2006, and the live element certainly makes the music glow.  More so, there are eight jams that comprise the tape. For the most part, it feels like one long jam played frenetically. Adding to the aura of this cassette, this tape features an early iteration of the band - Jesse Thompson on drums and vocals; Carson Binks on Bass; and Mark Abboud on guitar - playing a great collection of tracks that would not be included on subsequent releases.  For me, Jesse Thompson's vocals and his style take the music to the next level.

Who Can You Trust? is a blazing hash-rocket that seeks to deliver the heaviest rips from thee finest nugs.  A salient facet of the label's aesthetic is to release live, raw recordings and obscure sessions.  Combined with the high quality of music and artwork, WCYT? occupies an elevated position in this realm of music.  This is the type of label where after buying one release, you desire to purchase the discography.  A great interview with the proprietor of the label is available on It's Psychedelic Baby.  Take this one to head and order directly from WCYT?

peace to you, bro :)