Friday, May 4, 2012

Eight Trails, One Path - V/A (TLR091)

thanks to homboldtrelief - peace to you, bro :)


Before anything else is said, Eight Trails, One Path is a top shelf release and you should buy it immediately at Tomentosa.  Today is Friday, May 04.  By tonight or May 05 it will likely be gone, and in that case, one should buy the digital files from Three Lobed or examine discogs.  

Eight Trails, One Path is an homage to that which is possible with the guitar.  Each track on this Record Store Day compilation is a statement which proves that, in the proper hands, the guitar is a glorious instrument- the guide is the only thing constraining the guitar.  Eight musicians - Alvarius B; William Tyler; Danny Paul Grody; Six Organs of Admittance; Steve Gunn; David Daniell; and Sir Richard Bishop - provide adroit musicianship and songs that continue to bloom subsequent to initial listens.

Each trail is unique and fascinating - please read Grayson Currin's well-written essay.  In this space, I prefer to write about my favorite trail, the acoustic one blazed by William Tyler. While I listened to his contributions in the Silver Jews, I have not heard anything else.  There exists a special relationship between the guitar and William.  His energy flows through the reverberating strings, manifesting in sections that are at times playful and uplifting; other's are more tender and serious.  Easily one of my favorite tracks of the year!

Three Lobed will always have a special place in my heart - each release is special.  The energy and devotion expended in creating something like Eight Trails, One Path should result in effusive praise for this unique label.  Pressed on beautiful Dutch vinyl and manufactured by Record Industry, this lp is full of goodies: it is housed in a custom foldover, multicolored matchbook, letter-pressed by Dexterity Press; replete with new artwork by Casey Burns; and an essay about the compilation, composed by Grayson Currin.

This lp made me remember something important:  the best music is often that which one does not expect.  Buy this before it's too late.

Peace to you, bro :)