Monday, May 28, 2012

ReeferVision with Breathing Flowers and Vor Onus

intergalactic fuel for the journey through the Breathing Flowers' star field.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

the following video is from the Menskmoon YouTube channel

Welcome to ReeferVision - because sometimes you need to bring a fresh set of green eyes to the situation at hand.  ReeferVision is all about love, in a visual format.  For your protection, avail yourself of the green-tinted shades.. things are about to get smokey.

Today the green machine is emitting visions of McKinley Jones (Breathing Flowers) and Jason Hoover (Vor Onus).  The video above is of a Breathing Flowers performance from September 2011.  During the performance, Jason (guitar, loops, and modified theremin) joined McKinley (lead guitar and synth), and they played some beautiful, introspective psych that moves through several states and meanders pleasantly in the head.  While they have yet to formally release anything, the weed tree divined that some fine nugs do exist.  Here is to hoping that these recordings find a home on a good label.

peace to you, friends :)