Friday, May 9, 2014

Ø+yn & Rapa Nui - Eco Paradigma (FCR031)

Crystal-covered Feathered Coyote. peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Friday is for heads, and this dense, psych nug from Feathered Coyote will saturate your receptors with glistening crystals to help power you through the weekend. Over the past year or so, Ø+yn has become one of my favorite contemporary psych acts. Following an excellent collaboration with Uton on Eiderdown, this effort with Rapa Nui - recorded during Ø+yn's tour of Lima - snakes through the crystal-covered corridors of the labyrinthine head before emerging in the fuzzy light. These two psych heavyweights complement the other nicely. Eco Paradigma can be described as intense, sonorous, and entrancing. Rapa Nui's free jazz intertwines smoothly with the psych of Ø+yn to give Eco Paradigma a tortuous, ritualistic quality. Through the various peaks and valleys, it's an unpredictable sonic journey. Along with the stellar musicianship, the tempos utilized magnify the visceral effect of the music. Ominous and swirling with intent, the listener can feel the wind of fate grace their shoulders right from the start. Cavernous tones from the tuba encompass the sax, didgeridoo and  percussion. Enigmatic guitar and relentless drums contribute to the psych frenzy. Fuzzed guitar billows and sax lightly wails among swirling voices. The end of side A is majestic, sounding like a mix of free jazz, psych and 60's fusion. Resonant strings and percussion commence the flipside. Shortly, sax protrudes and spirals around awareness - a lovely start to side B. Plodding tones are circumscribed by fuzzy strings. At the apex, the guitar gleams and resonates on edge. Propulsive rhythms and spiraling feedback give way to various percussion, acute tones and drone from the didgeridoo.        

Ø+yn and Rapa Nui give me Blue Dreams - highly recommended. Eco Paradigma should set your head up nicely for the vibes which follow, a split between Ø+yn and Montibus Communitas. Produced in a limited edition, the lovely artwork by Arturo Quispe, of Rapa Nui, matches the hazy vibe perfectly. Eco Paradigma may be purchased directly from Feathered Coyote.

peace and love, friends :)