Friday, May 23, 2014

Gora Sou - Living XXL (NL009)

high times! Gora Sou shines the light into my day. Peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Living XXL is an apt title for Gora Sou's third release on Noumenal Loom. Boundless possibilities seem to exist in the head and heart of Marc Übel (Gora Sou). His skill in composition engenders tracks that are uplifting, contemplative, and elegiac. A combination of new age and experimental music, the tracks that comprise Living XXL have great depth. Any randomly selected moment on this tape could be deconstructed to reveal copious ideas and sounds. 

Upon pressing play, delicate notes echo on the periphery of consciousness - extremely light and resonant. An entrancing effect occurs as they move more proximate with each iteration. Upon reaching the crest, the wave breaks. The listener is inundated by ponderous tones and ambient manifestations that fissure. An exquisite collage leads to the third track, which possesses different energy from anything on the tape. An ominous loop circulates furtively while ethereal sounds jut up and hover. "Three Palms Avalon" is my favorite track on the tape. Übel really shines in such moments. The clouds part to reveal inspiring and hopeful vibrations. The latter part of the tape - tracks 5-8 - is incredible. In the following track, Übel pours it on heavy. The gorgeous beginning, comprised of rain drops and heartfelt sound, progresses to include periodically rising crystalline tones. "Bay of Seven Moons" is heavenly. Bright and blurry ambience pulsates and transmogrifies wondrously, which reminds one of the beauty contained in Venice-era Fennesz - resplendent, morphing clouds of sound. The last few minutes of this track precipitate elation. 

 With each release, Gora Sou becomes more entrenched on the crystal-covered top shelf. Übel's music is a regular part of my life. This is a mindful listener's kind of tape, if you know what I mean. Also, I tend to look at Birch Cooper's artwork when listening to Living XXL. The design, hues and texture do a nice job of encapsulating the feel of the music. Produced in a limited run of 100 home dubbed tapes, only a few copies remain. One may purchase Living XXL directly from Noumenal Loom.

peace and love, friends :)