Monday, May 5, 2014

Inner Travels - First Light (TST010)

lightness of being - peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

From moments of lucid awareness under brilliant light that flickers to celestial voyages in an azure sky, First Light has proved to be my favorite Twin Springs release. On this cassette, Inner Travels utilizes space and texture adroitly to beget instances of joy, focus and contemplation. Brilliant sparks of life kindle in cupped, trembling hands. It makes one want to hold that energy with eyes shut and to be thankful that you realized something beautiful, even for a brief moment. First Light, much like the most alluring things in life, has a transitory quality.

 Delicate, gauzy rays of sunlight traverse the soul from the time one presses play. Incipient light billows gently. At a distance, the vibrations are misty. Yet, as they approach, the radiance envelops the listener. The glare is ephemeral - a beautiful apparition. Majestic pulsations and voluminous waves saturate the receptors. Reverberations of sonic ellipses encompass the heart in kindness. Luminosity twinkles at the periphery; gradually, it swells among the verdant earth. Sequences of synth swirl benevolently, much like the tenderness heard from one of my musical heroes, Joe Zawinul. The various placid textures that are present in the tracks culminate in crystalline waves. Inner seeking tones burrow deep to reveal the eternal flame. The flipside -the Sky side - is suffused with reverie. Inside the slipstream, cavernous tones combine with evanescent manifestations. Bleary synth bubbles until evaporating. There's a lovely, removed feeling in some of the tracks on the Sky side. Observations from afar approach slowly, glimmer in the inner eye and then ascend into the clouds. Suffering vanishes as variegated energy glitters and expands throughout the soul.    

First Light is the mellifluous bird that beckons at my window in the morning; it infuses my home with tranquility. If you want to touch someones life with music, then I would give them this tape. Created primarily with a PSS-380, First Light is limited to 50 copies. With only a few remaining, secure your copy directly from Twin Springs, one of my favorite tape labels.        

peace and love, friends :)