Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ōgon Batto - 007 (HAK007)

Vivid vibrations that guide you through the dubious darkness. peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

The overwhelming sense of disquiet burns brightly from the bowl immediately. Bleary, opaque synth and ominous low ends have a portentous effect. Hazy noise careens until, unexpectedly, a sequence of piano notes finishes the track. Ōgon Batto, in the seventh release for Hare Akedod, exhibits a prowess for composition throughout this tape; the tracks seem structured for optimal impact on the listener. Many of the tracks could be regarded as ambient/dark ambient, yet there are infinitesimal manifestations of Krautrock and American Primitivism in some of the tracks; more so, the eerie cinematic feel produces evocative moments - a reason that this tape loops at the house. Ōgon Batto is the moniker of Bent Von Bent, co-curator of Hare Akedod. Along with David Edren - Hare Akedod/DSR Lines - they create limited edition electro-acoustic cassettes. I highly recommend the back catalog, especially Raju Arara. In the second track, the guitar is more pronounced compared to other tracks. Cascading piano notes produce waves of eerie chill. Meanwhile, reverb-soaked chords spread through the atmosphere with ease - a lovely juxtaposition. Menacing vibrations continue to circulate in the following track, "Jacht Op Allen." Contemplative piano ruminates in the stale air next to majestic zither. Ritualistic percussion increases the tension, which gives the track another dimension; poignant waves fade in while mutant synth manifests on the periphery. The flipside contains beautiful instances of minimalism. Enigmatic tones move furtively in the beginning of the first track on side B. The track slowly comes into being. Shortly, waves of synth pulsate, accelerate and descend all around the listener. Throbbing drums jut up through the sheen of gauzy electronics toward the end. The second track, which features field recordings, is lovely and more minimal than the others. The penultimate track is fantastic. Exhibiting celestial arpeggios and sustained tones that have an organ-like quality, it's the coalescence of something one might hear from Miasmah and Lunar Miasma.

Produced in a limited edition of 80 tapes on transparent tapes with white print, the beautiful artwork was also produced by Bent Von Bent. Ōgon Batto's meticulous work has produced one of my favorite releases of 2014. Hare Akedod tapes don't hang around for long. Before they are OOP, secure a copy directly from Hare Akedod. Tomentosa should receive copies in the near future.

peace and love, friends :)