Friday, May 16, 2014

The Cosmic Dead - Easterfaust (Sound of Cobra, 2014)

Stoney sailor trichomes take you higher and higher. Peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief:)

With summer rapidly approaching, the medicine for your head arrives in the form of Easterfaust, featuring the latest jams from The Cosmic Dead on Sound of Cobra Records. Scotland's finest smoke you out with two sides of heady psych/Krautrock/garage action that will keep you shaking it until sunrise. Zoned in over two sides of heaviness that is never static, this tight recording witnesses the Cosmic Dead ascending in all of their psychonaut crystal-covered glory. Sometimes they drift among the cosmic dust; lethargic thuds of percussion, distorted murmurs, dreamy bass and shimmering strings circulate in the vastness. At other times, their alchemy envelops the sky, such is the ferocity of their attack. These guys are always probing the sonic unknown, searching for higher environs to illuminate via their aural onslaught.

As the needle drops, the heads are already in the ether drifting serenely. The slow burn of looped guitar floats effortlessly along with languorous percussion and bass. Plumes of distorted vocals billow over the listener. Untethered and wide-eyed, the shimmering ellipses of space dust lead to a rapturous psych frenzy - i love how the ethereal drift turns into Hawkwind-imbued high times. Riding a high, beautiful wave, the band hits the groove with alacrity. Piercing the zenith, the psych maelstrom careens as charged riffs, driving drums and dreamy bass provide the fuel. The flip is packed so tightly that it burns brightly across the sky in overdrive mode. Who knew that a higher gear existed? These guys singe the kief coated flowers right from first revolution of side B. Resolute drums, spacey synth, writhing bass and hash oil coated riffs recall the heady vibe of Blue Cathedral era Comets on Fire and Acid Mothers Temple. A feverish pace is attained until they settle somewhat and explore an atmosphere replete with brilliant, celestial objects. James T. Mckay's guitar, unfettered, oozes preternatural vibrations, while Julian Dicken's frenzied drumming coalesces with Omar Aborida's heady bass lines. Gradually, the energy picks up and one senses the precipitous deluge. Yet, just when the inevitable seems ready to tear your head open, they descend a few levels to a place somewhat reminiscent of the beginning. After a brief respite, Aborida's chugging bass and Dicken's manic drumming set the scene for Mckay's pyrotechnics to light up the night sky once more.

 Easterfaust is the sound of four travelers with their finger on the moment. This is too good to miss. However, if you dillydally, then this massive hash rocket is bound to pass you by; the first pressing sold quickly. A second pressing, of 200 copies, was recently released. Bryan Olson's heady artwork adorns the front, while Henri Claudel is responsible for the artwork on the backside. Easterfaust may be purchased directly from Sound of Cobra.
peace and love, friends :)