Friday, May 2, 2014

Shingles - God First Planted A Garden (2:03)

tasty flowers from the 2:00 AM garden. peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

The vibes on God First Planted A Garden - released on reborn 2:00 AM Tapes - are engrossing. Jesse De Rosa's synth inspired project, Shingles, uses various instruments - and even a typewriter - to create a tense, chilling, and ambient atmosphere. His skill in composition leaves the listener on edge. Dark waves encroach and the deluge feels imminent. At times, it reflects the portentous ambience of early Type Records releases; a little Max Richter, too.

As the tape begins to roll, mutant sounds swirl and sparks of electricity illuminate the barren sky. Metallic key strokes join a synth that pulsates with intent. Hushed sequences of synth percolate on the periphery. Deliberate tones fray in the second track on side A. Shortly, soaring incandescent waves interweave as the listener careens in currents that vacillate uneasily. Rapid fire bass lines throb, sending highly charged currents through the head; all the while, the analog warmth of the MS-10 rises from opacity to greet the listener with icy streaks of blue synth that spiral in a foreboding manner. Austere noise crests as sinister vibrations heave and then abate. As the flip starts up, we rise with the sun. Some of the most gorgeous work occurs at the beginning of side B, which is somewhat of a departure from the previous side. De Rosa goes for gold with a combination of majestic synth and warm noise that churns with vitality - lovely! Charred riffs burn brightly and assorted noise smoke the listener out in the following track. Shortly following in the next track, ethereal synth provides warmth and a welter of sound orbits. "The Garden" pummels one with vibes that float on the precipice. "Further North's" pensive synth traverses volatile currents - quite beautiful. De Rosa tweaks your head once more with variegated notes that unravel.  

De Rosa always packs the dank tightly and takes your head on a sonic trip without peer. Unequivocally, God First Planted A Garden is one of the best tapes I have heard this year - that goes for the artwork, too. Additionally, 2:00 AM's stellar batch includes tapes from Autistic Argonauts and Vales. Sold out at the source, you owe it to your head to procure one of the last remaining copies at the top shelf 905 shop.

peace and love, friends :)