Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Tor Festival 2014! Peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Tor!! Jake Blanchard - proprietor of Tor Press, musician, and renowned visual artist - has been putting on shows at Todmorden First Unitarian Church for a little more than a year. Featuring a mix of local bands and those from around the world, the shows have generated immense positive feedback. To celebrate the first anniversary, Tor has decided to host a festival in Todmorden, West Yorkshire that will occur from July 25-27. Spread across three venues, the line-up reads like a whose who in the fields of experimental, psych, drone, noise and folk music. Some of the artists to perform include Honest Bag favorite, Bear Bones, Lay Low; Bridget Hayden; These Feathers Have Plumes; United Bible Studies; and Lobster Priest. Lobster Priest's tape on Blackest Rainbow melted the hard hash instantaneously! All of the funds raised for the three-day celebration will be used to compensate the artists/bands and operate the festival.

As of a few days ago, Tor Press mentioned that only 20 weekend tickets remain. So, instead of lighting up the tasty, head over to the festival sites:
Festival Website
Facebook Event

peace and love, friends :)