Thursday, April 24, 2014

Randall McClellan - The Healing Music of Rana (SA034)

the tape player is for special music. peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

When I was hurting, a friend kindly bestowed on me these beautiful sounds. I would like to share that gift you. The gift arrived through the window in the form of radiant sunlight; channeled through the pulsating speakers, sacred drones with raga attributes and melodies hover until quietly acquiescing to another manifestation. Regarding the sound, it is powerful. When played at a high volume, the lovely energy reverberates throughout the body - healing waves. Randall McClellan is a founding member of the electronic music studio at The Eastman School of Music (1967). Over a period from 1966-1985, The Healing Music of Rana slowly came into being; the music is a result of McClellan's interest in North Indian vocal music, classical electronic music technique, and the study of esoteric mystical traditions. These improvisations were created with Moog Prodigy and Micromoog synthesizer - positioned to allow for simultaneous playing - among other instruments. For maximum pleasure, the tape aptly recommends modifying the bass, treble and loudness settings to your preference. McClellan's voice is simply majestic on these tapes. More so, when combined with drone and Moog the serene undulations bring the moment into focus.

This beautiful music exists on the highest of shelves. Previously issued individually, Randall McClellan has teamed with with Sun Ark to reissue all four of the cassettes in a limited edition box set. I take The Healing Music of Rana with me throughout the day. McClellan's drones infuse one with vitality and tranquility. Unequivocally, this is highly recommended. Released in an edition of 200, I purchased my copy from Fusetron.

peace and love, friends :)