Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Before Returning (CFE#40)

Cabin Floor Honey Bud! peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

There is nothing like a Cabin Floor Esoterica (CFE) cassette. The whole ritual of examining the artwork, inserts, and then listening is singular. Everything is crafted by hand; the wonderful people who run CFE design everything meticulously. Obviously, we have yet to even discuss the sounds on this small run label. Cabin Floor's discography is populated with some excellent releases from Joseph McNulty; White Fir; Bear Bones, Lay Low; Shep and Me; Franklin & Lajoie, R. Franklin; and Gorman to name a few. Artists bring some of their best music to the label. After leaving briefly, CFE have returned with a tape titled, Before Returning. Produced in a limited edition of 8 copies, the sounds that comprise Before Returning represent a day. The title suggests that this is a personal tape. At one point a jazz record plays continuously. Sometimes silence and sporadic glitch suffuse the tape.     

The next batch of Cabin Floor includes Mr. Herbcraft, Matt Lajoie! Unlifted represents Matt's first record under his name. The zoner, variegated tones from 'Loser (Garcia)' swirl in a kaleidoscope; the speakers begin to breath as Lajoie's dreamy guitar pulsates languidly - sweet Susie! Additionally, Dylan Golden Aycock of Scissor Tail Editions, and Rag Lore are scheduled to release cassettes. With the love put into making these tapes, it's only natural that they are produced in small editions. These upcoming sounds are simply beautiful. It makes me dream of tranquil days in the grass by the summer sunlight.

Cabin Floor Esoterica

peace and love, friends :)