Thursday, April 10, 2014

Brown Piss - Subterranean Grapevine (fm9)

straight from the stash. peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Sometimes every macro facet of a tape gets into your head; and, that is the case for Subterranean Grapevine by Brown Piss on Fluxus Montana, a noise label operating out of the beautiful state referred to in the label name. Subterranean Grapevine is the desolate sonic refuse that flows uneasily downstream; gurgling noise, ominous churning, hiss covered rhythms, pulsating fury and persistent oscillations meet at the confluence. Brown Piss is the project of Jason Hodges, better known for his grindcore band, Suppression, and noise/electronic duo, Mutwawa.  Both sides promise to leave no listener unscathed, yet I admit having an affinity for the flipside. 

Streams of sputtering hash oil sludge flow at the pace of snail as side A begins. Shortly, fierce crackling and rusty detritus pierce the skin within this vortex; persistent, ominous pulsations and metallic clang move to the fore in the latter stages of the track. Sounds from a decayed engine morph into manic signals in the second track. Heavy dissonance encroaches upon the listener. In the third track on side A beams of dusty sound resonate portentously before fracturing into myriad pixels. Screeching signals and decayed beats deliver one to ritualistic noise. At one point the noise could be characterized as similar to the sound of Thurston Moore's guitar in certain parts of Washing Machine. The 
"Floronic Man" is a side long strident collage. Faint signals vacillate uncontrollably and are consumed by a hazy morass as the flip commences. Hiss covered oscillations spin out of control; sparks of dubious energy orbit in its wake. Echoing dissonance billows, engulfing the atmosphere. Mutant machines churn next to cascading sheets of opaque noise. Tortuous pulsations shudder and weave dubiously through a labyrinth

Along with the stellar sound on offer, the artwork by Matt Taggart is pretty cool. It appears to be a picture of a man and woman smiling, but the man has a soldering iron proximate to his left temple. Released in an edition of 50, contact the label owner to secure a copy of Subterranean Grapevine.

peace and love, friends :)