Monday, April 21, 2014

ParashiMAbH - S/T (TD66)

ParashiMAbH sends me up, up and away! peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :) 

The tight, sweet nugs of Chocolope remind me of the musical relationship shared by Mike Griffin (Parashi) and Peter Taylor (Mortuus Auris and the Black Hand). Both artists recorded various releases for the majestic Stunned Records. More so, Taylor's MAbH project recorded a spacey head trip for Griffin's Skell label early in 2013. With its genesis in a London pub, Griffin and Taylor collaborated by mail for this project on Tape Drift; the S/T release exhibits a deft confluence of the texture-rich, abrasive, industrial magic spewed by Parashi and the alluring drones, ornate soundscapes and ability to inject the atmosphere with disquiet of MAbH. On this effort for Tape Drift, Griffin and Taylor take the deep dive into a bubbling, piercing stew injected with layers of menacing noise; bubbling, airy electronics; cacophonous reverberations; and dreaded rhythms. One of the salient hallmarks of this tape is the ease with which the artists cycle between moods, such as a shift from a more light and airy atmosphere to something more threatening. Even within that attribute is the manner in which the ideas evolve. Griffin and Taylor's skill in composition begets maximum impact for the listener.

In a somewhat weathered sonic environment, ethereal waves drift smoothly and signals spiral. After a hazy noise collage abates, a delicate drone modulates; yet, did you feel the cold chill up moving up the spine? The claws of Parashi's foreboding noise leave copious cuts on the torso, and MAbH's poignant drone produces tremors - whoa! Frosty waves splash in an agitated manner. After a brief silence, a portentous drone floats restlessly in an atmosphere shrouded in aural fog. Uneasiness careens until razed by a potent combination of spacey signals and malevolent energy. Auditory hallucinations flap uneasily in sinister currents - incredible!! A more minimal environment is established shortly. Before long, iridescent signals accelerate and bend around protruding noise. The noise's embryonic state erupts; a deluge of buzzing, rumbling, and stuttering vibrations decimate everything in its path. The last part of side A could be more ghastly than anything previously. Both artists establish a lighter mood on the flipside. Gorgeous electronics orbit with ease in the beginning. Shortly, the unexpected arrives in the form of what sounds like heavy duty, charred riffs; approaching the red with alacrity, the listener is circumscribed by radiant tones and swirling feedback. Later, effervescent layers multiply, eventually drowned in rolling noise.
It may be the day after 4/20, but the party does not stop when vibrations of this caliber fill the house. The S/T is part of the same batch that features the killer Millions tape; both tapes are in short supply. Produced in a limited quantity, the artwork is by Myste French and Ted Trager. One may purchase copies of this excellent collaboration either directly from the source or via Flipped Out!

peace and love, friends :)

  thanks to Albanysonicarts for the good vibe!