Friday, April 18, 2014

Justin Marc Lloyd - Your (LEM-140)

the right medicine and vibes for Highday Friday! peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Bring on the crystals! The march to 4/20 traverses some heady landscape. In one minute the sun may be gently warming our back, then in the next, shrill, static-laced blasts from a truculent beast encroaches. Bruizer may put one in a trichome trance, but Your shakes off the kief, using it as the fuel to jettison one to the world of Justin Marc Lloyd. Your, a recent release from Justin Marc Lloyd on noise label Love Earth Music, bubbles over with industrial stridency, textural dissonance and spaced out zones. In several instances, myriad genres coalesce to provide an industrial/minimal/psychedelic vibe. Two of the most pleasing aspects,of Your, are its visceral nature, and Lloyd's adroit use of subtly and space throughout. The latter aspects keep the listener on edge. More so, the Dr. Wayne Dyer picture disc is the kief on top of the bowl!

Your commences with foreboding, fractured vibrations and static-laced noise and hiss. Pulsing orbs and minimal, bubbling noise sporadically erupt in the second track. An influx of blurry waves soon gives way to intense oscillations. Toward the end a volcano spews heavy noise that engulfs the denizens. In "the Number Five Tasted Wrong, part 1", the din of wayward strings loops next to fried vibrations that persist to spawn deep in the head prior to becoming concentrated. At the zenith, it could come apart instantly - awesome stuff here! Part 2 exhibits an instance in which Lloyd subtly introduces elements to increase the tension. Decayed machines rumble and sputter sparks in "Panic Dreams". Lloyd approaches the listener from a different angle in "Most of the World". Spacey and torpid drift combines with resonant strings. Languorous, static coated loops mix with jarring noise and obscured vocals in "Most of Our World". My favorite track, "Delectable Personal Present-Moment Freedom", follows. Cloaked vocals echo beneath a sea of sputtering noise and ambient fluctuations. Shortly, the pace subtly increases. Things get even more surreal as the textures begin to bounce off the walls and noise infiltrates one's space. The disquiet spikes in the following track, "Seemingly Under-Lion Self-Talk in the Form of Adam's Sharp and Heavy Apple".

Your is a head trip from the top shelf! Limited to 150 copies, the cd's eco-packaging features Justin Marc Lloyd's artwork. Your may be purchased directly from Love Earth Music or via Rainbow Bridge.

peace and love, friends :)