Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dylan Golden Aycock - Saints of Grace (Heligator Records)

the music and cause are a reason to celebrate life - highly recommended. peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Tome to the Weather Machine is one of my favorite sites. Throughout the years, I have learned about some excellent music from them. Ryan Hall, founder of Tome, recently created a digital-only singles label - Heligator Records - for the purpose of raising money to maintain and support a library in the Malindza Refugee Camp in Mpaka, Swaziland. Dylan Golden Aycock, of Scissor Tail Editions and Talk West, donates a lovely track comprised of american primitive guitar, sustained tones, drone and ambient passages that is titled, "Saints of Grace." Aycock's idyllic finger picked notes cascade in an intimate setting established at the beginning. As things progress, the tempo changes. Ethereal drone and blissful reverberations from a sustained tone hover gently in the middle - my favorite section. Aycock shines brightly here by introducing a lovely transition that carries the listener to the end on waves of benevolent energy. From heartfelt strings to sustained tones that move tenderly through the stillness, "Saint's of Grace" is arranged adroitly - a hallmark of Aycock's releases. The tunes can be heard at Heligator's site, where one may donate to help promote literacy in Mpaka Swaziland.

peace and love, friends :)