Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hellvete - Ode (DD15)

Meditating at Temple Hellvete. Peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

We're going deep, literally! Glen Steenkiste's latest release as Hellvete on Deep Distance - recorded prior to Sint-Denijs- contains two side-long omnipotent drones. Ode continues on the path of Glen's recent work, which is documented on labels such as Blackest Rainbow, Tor Press and Crooked Tapes. These recordings, including Ode, bring the present into focus via sustained tones. When the speakers are cranked and the needle drops, incipient notes begin to cluster, forming layers of sustained, resonant energy. The first part of side A constitutes a lovely experience - embryonic light that gradually becomes concentrated. From that juncture, the drone becomes even more cozy. Serene undulations caress the listener on side A. An ethereal, oscillating drone and sustained notes exude brilliant energy. Interwoven strands of flickering tranquility construct the radiant carpet that transports one to the zenith. Sonic nuggets will be unearthed by the active listener; Glen's drones are constantly in motion, revealing subtleties when least expected. Spiritual drone fills the atmosphere on the flipside. Buoyant waves that possess an acute texture surge, emitting awesome vibrations prior to receding.   

Just like my last review of the Lake Mary tape, Ode is pleasing to the eyes and ears - beautiful artwork and insert. Released in an edition of 300 on ultra clear vinyl, I purchased my copy from Eclipse, who have a nice back catalog of Deep Distance lps available. The video below is from Sint-Denijs - enjoy!!   

peace and love, friends :)