Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dura - Altered Resonance (PS047)

Help is on the way - Dura and Pure Kush! Peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Potent oscillations arrive quickly, burrow deep within the still body and illuminate the inner architecture of the listener. Throughout Altered Resonance, on Patient Sounds, there are copious opportunities to merge with the vibrations of life. Mattson Ogg, of Dura, adeptly combines warm drones and ambient/american primitive guitar. With eyelids tightly closed, the supreme resonance cascades through the bones and begets enhanced perception. Nestled in the wave of awareness, one notices the manifestation of delicate strings. Much like the slowly rising sun, incipient strings are initially cloaked by robust drones before becoming a more active part of the compositions - often vacillating between the background and the surface. Overall, Altered Resonance triggers awareness with ease - highly recommended!    
Much like my favorite sonic healers, Ogg triggers the sixth and seventh senses. Powerful drones pulsate as solitary strings vibrate throughout the soul. A deluge of majestic vibrations infuse the atmosphere with vitality -  a crest so high that the infinite blue sky seems proximate. Restrained, tranquil guitar becomes more active, even ascending to the fore as the side progresses. Toward the end of side A, a lovely tempo is achieved; surging and receding drones abut serene strums - heavenly. As the flipside commences, an embryonic drone alternatively oscillates and pulses. Fragile strings and field recordings remind me of the lovely elements that pervade a Josh Mason recording. Ogg's use of texture and tone are prominent on side B. Sustained tones bend toward the light -soothing and comforting. Flowing waves in continuous motion become more reflective toward the end. Ethereal and harshly resonant drones combine with shimmering strings near the end.

Altered Resonance, produced in a limited edition of 50 copies, is sold out at the source. However, Tomentosa appears to have the last copies - vital stuff if you prefer to inhabit these zones.

peace and love, friends :)