Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Light Tapes 001 and 002

Lately, i've been lighting up to Light Tapes. Peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Times are good for tapes. The early part of the year has already seen some great releases from Orange Milk, Scissor Tail, Planted Tapes, Students of Decay, Feathered Coyote, Inner Islands and Patient Sounds among others. And, i'm consciously thankful everyday just knowing that Cabin Floor Esoterica has returned. Now we can add Light Tapes to the list. A collaborative effort between Tomentosa Records and Housecraft Records, the first two offerings from Light Tapes, much like top shelf nugs, permeate the head with ease. Clime, the illustrious duo of Jimmy Billingham (Tidal; Venn Rain; Journey of Mind) and Tuluum Shimmering, releases their last recording in this initial batch. Bring your awareness to these two side-long paeans and experience each breath becoming more lucid. The other tape, a split between I am Just a Pupil and Heat Sureens, is a real blazer!

What is there left to say about Clime's next level soundscapes that align so nicely with the breath? Along with this release, 12th Rain of the Oscillating Universe, the vibrations on their Space Slave tape inspire the sparks of life. Their music seems to move without a trace, yet one is always ascending - such is the subtle variation which begets their hallucinatory vibe. Entrancing loops bask in the radiant glow, yet continually bloom. A tapestry of sonorous swirling noise and swollen ambience loops a fine web around ones consciousness, seeping in slowly. Around 20 minutes in, bird calls coincide with certain elements dropping into the back of the mix; ethereal and flowery pulsating light moves to the foreground. Soulful rhythms manifest along with a gauzy drone. Various percussion features prominently toward end - taking the track to next level. The flipside is much lighter compared to side a; sweetly flowing, soothing vibrations drift unencumbered. There seems to be more space on side b, at least in the beginning, which is lovely. Whether it is side a's rapturous celebration of sound or the flip's gentle tranquility, the synergy between these two sound healers is conspicuous over the entirety.


Grainy guitar undulations loop and mysterious energy billows immediately on the Heat Sureens side. Replete with crystal-covered guitar loops and a diverse voice, Heat Sureens - also a member of Mannateas - has released a tape previously on Housecraft. This side visits some beautiful places, especially in the beginning of track 2. Ascendant, introspective loops drift serenely in the presence of the inner burning flame. Music that exhibits various moods, such as the periodic shrieks, thick buzz and quivering ambient noise present in the third track. In the last track, blurred notes form a delicate web while other sonic elements hover. This side of music is played on repeat.    

I am Just a Pupil follows up an excellent contribution to the Worn Habit noise comp with some of project's best material. Right from the start the collage of noise and ambient sources asserts itself, seemingly merging with ease given the disparate elements: strident crackle, foreboding drone, quivering noise, gentle sound. The recording has the quality of sounding removed and proximate concomitantly. The effect is to endow the music with the quality of a hazy dream. Nearly half way through, the more harsh elements abate leaving behind a beautiful ethereal/new age vibe. This part of the track is something to which I look forward with each listen. Even as the track progresses, this light and airy feeling remains. The mood shifts near the end prior to the tape unexpectedly ending.

Both cassettes, produced in limited quantities, quickly disappeared from Tomentosa's site a few weeks ago. However, another limited batch - along with the Venn Rain recording on Housecraft - will arrive at Tomentosa within days. 

peace and love, friends :)