Monday, March 31, 2014

Tuluum Shimmering - Sky Tree (II025)

ubiquitous vibrations. peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Dreamy, loop-driven passages of energy permeate the listener for this two hour meditation. The brilliant vibrations have the tendency to consume, heightening awareness. At times, one tends to get lost in the swirling buoyancy radiating from the speakers. Sky Tree, a recent tape from Tuluum Shimmering on Inner Islands, is an apt title; above the clouds, where the perceptions are more lucid, Tuluum's flowing benevolence begets sagacity. Until I first heard Tuluum Shimmering, I had not previously experienced anything similar. According to an interview, a variety of instruments -  kalimba, percussion, violin, flutes, sampling keyboard - are run from a mixer through a multi-effects pedal into a 30 second looper, and then out to an amp. Across the discography, their is a tendency to lose oneself in a malestrom of luminous vibrations, a celebration of life. Ever since arriving at the house, Sky Tree has been billowing faithfully much like my sacred indica - highly recommended.

The beginning of the tape is intense, imbued with tension. Ominous - almost cinematic - tones protrude and surge clandestinely. Shortly, languid flute pervades the mix swirling upward. Almost unexpectedly, the friction and clang of percussion becomes audible. Synth vacillates from solemn to uplifting reaching a beautiful point in the recording. Suddenly, resonant piano notes and sacred drone begin to cascade from the speakers. Omnipresent and visceral, wave upon wave surges forth; intricate patterns morph subtly. The flipside resides deep in the haze, a languorous stream of energy that moves more slowly than its peer. Delicate tones from the flute drift lazily in the presence of enchanting drone.

These top shelf vibrations on Inner Islands are exalted. Another wonderful attribute of this release regards the visual aspect - artwork by Tuluum Shimmering; layout by Sean Conrad. Pro-dubbed and produced on red tapes in o-card sleeves, Sky Tree may be purchased directly from Inner Islands. Also, Sky Tree was released with another stellar tape by Peasants. Both can be procured inexpensively 

peace and love, friends :)