Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Wave Temples - Floating Garden/Hidden Temple (PYR19)

Blissful vibrations in abundance. peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Floating Garden/Hidden Temple, by Wave Temples on Rainbow Pyramid, is an enthralling listening experience. For over 30 minutes, the listener is transported to a sonic paradise in which they wallow through serene passages comprised of effervescent and soothing sound - faithful vibrations. Patient hymns carried by peaceful waves ripple through one's soul. Wave Temples keen use of texture makes this tape a joyous experience - this tape often loops in the house. Hazy reveries are immersed by a deluge. Introspective waves meander softly in the twilight. Mysterious vibrations mesmerize the listener. Sometimes the swirling drones are situated in remote waters, becoming enervated as they float beyond perception. Pastoral vibrations coat awareness with a gauzy, wet film. Slumberous, restive drones loop lazily toward the abyss. The end of side A is fantastic, even a little psychedelic. Sonorous undulations engulf the room. Soon, the tremendous force abates as an incipient menacing drone becomes salient. Upon commencing the flip, majestic, yet unsettling synth exudes a dreamy vibe imbued with uncertainty around the contour. Later on the flip, buoyant synth loops calmly. Crystal-covered waves swell and recede while a serene melody merges. The second to last section on the b-side is one of my favorite sections of the tape. Opaque vibrations and clandestine drone gradually evolve to a state of effervescence. 

Floating Garden/Hidden Temple is a lovely tape that fills my home with beauty as it billows hazily from the speakers, penetrating the indica clouds with ease. This tape was part of the Rainbow Pyramid winter batch that disappeared quickly. Produced in an edition of 48 and featuring a cover photo by John Orsborn, copies are still available via Meditations.

peace and love, friends :)