Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Original Flowering Earth - Hosshin ((Cave - 22))

plunged into the stash and experienced nirvana. peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

The mindful warrior's universe expands infinitely and that level of awareness is present in Hosshin from the Original Flowering Earth - Kyle Wade of Goldtimers - on ((Cave)) Recordings. Kyle delivers us to the promised land with a tape that adeptly combines field recordings, electronic and acoustic sources. After two sparkling splits on Goldtimers and Planted Tapes, Kyle's first solo recording - comprised of outdoor recording sessions in various yards and gardens in Chicago and Colorado - is notable for the manner in which it sonically precipitates the experience of ephemeral, solemn moments; elation; discovery; and contemplation. Bright, hopeful hues shine through opaque noise to warm the heart. Periodic bursts of noise are circumscribed by a placid drone. Soon, playful and gentle sounds caress the listener as we walk into the light of day - my favorite section on the tape! Later, buoyant strings graduate into celestial synth joined by fervent tones. Moments of serenity glow in subdued noise from field recordings. Fluctuating, tranquil waves merge and grace one's head with a fine mist. The three part suite on the flipside is lovely. Meditative synth shimmers over a layer of resonant energy. Ethereal and lustrous sounds bend and contort.

      When I consider achingly beautiful music that caresses the listener, the Original Flowering Earth and Former Selves are at the top of my list; it's not a coincidence that they share a split on Planted TapesHosshin has a way of minimizing the distance between the speakers and the listener. The soul instantly coalesces with earnest and peaceful vibrations. Overall, Hosshin speaks to life. In any single moment, one may experience joy, sorrow, compassion, wonder, wistfulness, numbness or a range of feelings. Yet, the good, bad and in between occur in the same moment. And, that sensation permeates Kyle's music. Hosshin is produced in an edition of 50 cassettes and may be purchased directly from ((Cave Recordings)).

peace and love, friends :)