Monday, January 13, 2014

Flamingo Creatures - Nacht Fressen (CW15)

A tasty nug from one of my faves: Cosmic Winnetou! peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Whenever one enters the realm of Cosmic Winnetou, the vibrations induce levitation. Seekers and explorers reside in this sphere. Nacht Fressen, from Flamingo Creatures on Cosmic Winnetou, utilizes copious electronic and acoustic instruments to create compositions of great detail. Varying hues of ambient sound beget tender, yet portentous moments; In any one moment the listener could be at the cross section of new age and dark ambient music. Nacht Fressen is a truly unique addition to Cosmic Winnetou discography. The unexpected, and sonically appealing, twists and turns are performed adroitly; such moments occur in the second half of the first track on side A, "Schrätteli". In the beginning, the drone consumes the listener, aided by affecting piano and blurred rays of synth. Blotches of noise and increasingly active rhythms leave their mark on the listener. Suddenly, a dubious wind blows through the environment. I wonder: what will happen next? The heart beats more quickly as disquiet begins to accrue. Vacillating strings and shrieks of unknown origin reinforce the palpable disquiet. That's when I remark, "how interesting to be here after the first 8 to 10 minutes. i didn't even expect this bend in the road." In a short period of time, Flamingo Creatures have transported the listener from a resonant new age milieu to a more dark environment - maybe aligned with some of the dark ambient music on Type and Miasmah.  "Schrätteli" characterizes the breathing, morphing and evolving worlds of sound that Flamingo Creatures inhabit. After such a wild journey, the ceremonial "Sattes Anthrazit" is a track in which one takes refuge - the beginning presents one of my favorite parts of the tape. The breath flows evenly upon hearing visceral reverberations of meditative bells and solemn, wistful currents. These elements are buttressed by a dense wall of noise. Dark and dank, the minimal beauty of "Wider Die Schwerkraft" commences the flip in heady style. Softly shrieking violin manifests in an atmosphere of psychedelic percussion and electronics - ominous for sure. Suddenly, it does not seem that my feet are on the ground. Were they ever? A prodigious beat is the force which lifts us to an area in which lovely chants combine with languorous notes and field recordings. The reverberations have a dreamy quality. The last track,"Silberfisch", is notable for the proficient juxtaposition of serene, ambient and strident sources. The beginning left an indelible mark: embryonic waves comprised of benevolent light glisten in the front of the mind. 
With Cosmic Winnetou, one always knows the score. The recent batch is one of Günter's best. Pulse Emitter just continues to spin heads, while Raising Holy Sparks provides one of my favorite tapes of 2013. In the next few weeks, this site will juxtapose the recent Raising Holy Sparks releases on Feathered Coyote Records and Cosmic Winnetou. Nacht Fressen has all the hallmarks of Cosmic Winnetou release: Chrome tapes home-dubbed in real-time. The artwork is attributed to Jens Fleischer. Sold out at the source, last copies are available from Tomentosa and Meudiademorte.
peace and love, friends :)