Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Calico Field Recordings - Untitled (NL007)

 Grant and Rachel emit all the colors of the rainbow. peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Last year was prolific - individually and as a duo - for the dream team of Rachel and Grant Evans. Rachel's stellar recording on Sicsic and Grant's House of Sun tape were favorites of last year. As Quiet Evenings, they released an lp of their dreamy output on Aguirre. Yet, some of their most intriguing and beautiful recordings were released under the monikers Coyote Image Medicinals and Courtly Illusion Limited. On this release for the stellar Noumenal Loom, they continue to blaze down the trichome-covered path as Calico Field Recordings. Calico Field Recordings channel solemn, elegiac moments before showering the listener with radiant streams of tranquility on the flip. On side A, gauzy synth squirms fervently obscuring crackling feedback and benevolent rippling rhodes. The flip is a different story. For me, it's the slow burn equivalent of glazing an indica stick with hash oil. Tender and encompassing, one revels in the moment prior to letting go. I love the qualities of the rhodes here. Sometimes its gentle and delicate nature glistens lucidly in the front of the head. At other times, the notes ascend out of reach, promulgating nebulous shapes that burrow into heavenly clouds. The sonic alchemy towards the end mirrors the magical qualities of Grant's early solo work.   

Calico Field Recordings is situated so high on the top shelf that even in the austerity and bleakness of early winter it's hazy aura warms the listener from above. Aidan Koch  is responsible for the beautiful artwork on all tapes in the Winter Solstice batch. Only one copy left from the source. However, copies appear to be available from the artists. Also, Noumenal Loom releases may be purchased from Unit Structure Sound - they have all tapes from the Winter Solstice batch. It's a good bet that Tomentosa will have copies.

peace and love, friends :)