Saturday, January 18, 2014

Daniel Klag - Inner Earth (PURR029)

further. peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

A breath that triggers the benevolent state of awareness is a blessing. Inner Earth travels at a dreamy pace through the nostrils, shimmering energy personified by peaceful drones aligned with the human spirit. Daniel Klag exhibits perspicacity in transmitting these inner states into the sonic realm. Track after track produces layers of tranquil light, each distinct in texture. A resonant whir of energy coalesces excellently with incipient awareness. As cool molecules ascend to zenith, suddenly the flowering warmth of the soul manifests. Cascading brilliant particles exit the nostrils. Introspective vibrations are apparent in the second track, "Litany." Warm, soporific drones that occasionally echo throughout the soul contrasted with poignant energy. Subtly a sheen whirls, the heart flutters. Repeatedly, suffering abates to unyielding light of awareness. I feel so alive right now. The side A closer is a cathartic release. Reverberating energy moves proximate. Parts of the sonic spectrum glow dreamily in the distance - elegant strings are a lovely touch. 

With each succession of the breath, despair and suffering submit to the awesome energy contained in "Awakener". Light bells resonate in the heart and mind, the distance in between becoming more minuscule as we embrace the core. A deluge of tears removes the remaining impediments; Being touched by the light, the inner essence contained within the crystalline synth that makes one levitate. Pulsating red light traces the peripheral contour of the soul. With the lightness of feather, waves vacillate and cluster around compassionate brilliance.  

Inner Earth produces myriad intimate moments - myopia cast aside with each breath, subsumed by the omnipotent vastness that is awareness. Senses flourish and cognitions become more acute in this climate. Ultimately, this is a tape for everybody. Those who enjoy travelling to radiant inner zones will admire the progression from front to back. Most of all, Daniel Klag's music strikes the sparks which make one realize intrinsic luminosity, the inner flame that extends to all who you touch. Inner Earth may be purchased directly from Constellation Tatsu - a label on my top shelf.

peace and love, friends :)